Red Worms, Africans and European Earthworms

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Herron Farms Worm Tea


1 gallon Concentrate Herron Farm's Worm Tea (Makes 50 Gallons)


This makes 50 gallons of PLANT FOOD as well as INSECTICIDE and FUNGICIDE.


WORM TEA made per order, shelf life is one week aveage for best results. The worm castings as well as the other nutrients are combined and mixed. Worm Tea feeds your plants on demand and the nutrients can be used by the plants immediatley because the worms have processed them in a way plants naturally thrive in. The end result is a liquid plant and soil enhancer that can be diluted to a 1 part Worm Tea to 50 parts Water. (1-50 ratio).


What makes our Worm Tea Superior is that we include 50/60 minerals and trace elements and then test to make sure it meets our high standard of excellence. our garden and yard speeks for it self.


CONCENTRATE 1:50 ratio

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