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Friends helping Friends

Posted by Tim Herron Farms on December 30, 2010 at 8:25 AM

I have been out of a "real job" for over a year now, Thank"GOD" my wife is working, but makes just at the cut off for food stamps, so we dont even have that help.

After sending resume after resume for over a year, and only getting 2 hits, I got fed up and went fishing the other day. I do that to get my best thoughts, anyway, the thought came to me. I am not the only person in this mess, matter of fact, almost everyone I know has been hit hard, with the melt down.

Good people have lost homes, savings, Jobs and more. It is time to think like people did in the 40s,50s and even some of the 60s. People helped each other get though the hard times, trading eggs for milk, labor for wood, it wasn't all about money. course gas was a quarter and for a dollar you could get a coke, candy bar, and pack of smokes still having a dime for the phone.

What if, you could call some one you dont even know, and ask them to give you a hand?

We have got so consumed with money and "making a Living" we have lost track of the little things in life. Like the smile a widow gives you, when you lite her pilot light for less than a months rent.

or when you hang 5 mini blinds in the time it takes a single mom to make some coffee.

Or when you see the old man down the street getting wood, and offer to help.

Now, I cant refinish your basement for free(not saying I wont do it)but there are lots of very small jobs I dont mind helping people do, sometimes it just takes motivation, and a friend helps there also. And even though I say free, (that is what I mean) I figure most people asking for a hand will have to offer, whether it be coffee, cake, conversation.

A person knows what they can afford, and if they feel like they were treated right, and can afford it, they will offer me gas money or a tip. I dont ask, and dont expect it----------(unless) you have asked me to come bid on a job. That is different. but it will still be very cheap, I am in my 50tys, I dont need to compete with the Joneses.

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